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Valentine’s Day Activities Millenials Can Do Aside From Netflix And Chill

Everyone’s probably heard all about Netflix and Chill. It’s a no-brainer activity done by couples who probably won’t get serious with each other. If you want your love to last, ditch it now and instead do these Valentine’s Day activities TrippedMedia recommends!

Valentine’s Day Activities’ Agenda

The goal this Valentine’s day is not to get under someone’s pants but to create romantic memories your lover will surely remember. Relationships last longer despite all odds because people weigh down the good and the bad memories of their relationships. Besides, people see this day as a special one that deserves exceptional activities.

Home Cooking Activities

If you have a small budget this Valentine’s day, your kitchen has your back. You can plan a cooking activity with your lover this Valentine’s day, or you can just cook something for him/her. Cook a dish that matches with your skills to ensure positive results.

This activity may also save you from further agony and show if you can actually work with your lover. Just be sure that at the end of the day, you tell them your reasons for picking this activity. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than a well thought-out activity with your lover.

Go On A Picnic

You’re probably thinking that this activity is so cliché and you’re right. The reason why the good ‘ol picnic at the park stays after generations is because it’s full-proof. You can enjoy your lover’s company while staying outdoors. In this activity, you can just focus on talking to get to know more of each other.

Visit a Local Foundation

Valentine’s day gives you a perfect opportunity to create good memories with your lover. She’ll be thinking one day how you made this day extra special by doing charity work. You may visit a local orphanage, or a retirement home.

Local foundations always need extra help from volunteers. First, just make sure to visit the charity foundation beforehand to check whether they need an extra pair of hands. Next, make sure that you visit alone at first to get to know the pepole you’ll be working with.

Don’t just pop up in your local charity foundations with your lover. If you just come up there on impromptu with no idea what to do, it may come out negatively. Not only will the people at the foundation see through you but your lover will see this as an insincere act.

Do Some Crafts

This is not like the ‘draw me like one pf your French girls’ activity although you may also find painting fun to do. Craft a photo album with your lover and put those selfies into good use. Show that you are serious in your relationship enough to create something which will last forever.

No matter what you choose to do this Feb. 14, remember that Valentine’s day activities must tighten your relationship with your partner. It’s also best to remember that it’s the thought and effort that count.

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