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The Truth About Millennial Working Moms And Why They’re Awesome

The millennial generation is one of the largest today. Often regarded as people with vast dreams and visions and wanting to pursue them more passionately. Now, millennial working moms are also making a statement in society.

Simply, they are women who feel that they are ready to have families when they feel secure in their relationship and careers. With technology omnipresent too, millennial moms have unique experiences in tending to their families and pursuing their own goals at the same time.

Millennial working moms: Who are they and what makes them stand out?

Today, the culture of millennial working moms involve having the freedom and flexibility in an evolving modern setup. Pop Sugar explains that these millennial moms are those born between 1980 and the early 2000s who seek to make a difference in their environment. Reports from the US Census Bureau data reveal that one in five moms is actually a millennial, accounting for almost 90 percent of the 1.5 million new moms in the last year.

Simply, there are now around nine million millennial working moms as of this writing. Interestingly, reports are also saying that these are the very same bunch who seek an ideal way of bringing their kids up. That is, not wanting to raise their children the same way they were brought up. Millennial moms want to be more hands-on yet draw a line from becoming a “helicopter mom” of Gen X.

Millennial working moms are thriving and happy

Now in the world of work, researchers found out that unlike the previous generation, today’s working mothers have a newfound idea on priorities. They prioritize jobs with flexible schedules over promotions, and many are factoring breaks into their careers so they can dedicate more to raising a family.

Certainly, millennials are a large generation that wields the power of mass. Today, the modern woman does what she does. She does not accept demands about what her work should be, or what her family should be like. She makes her own decision, and works to get the life she wants. All moms work. All moms love their children. And today’s millennial working moms are truly redefining motherhood.

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