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A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole of Chemsex

Chemsex is not merely a product of the contemporary zeitgeist. It is indeed an outrageous drug-meets-sex phenomenon that weighs heavily upon our conscience.

To summarize it, Chemsex is nothing but a rampant practice among gay men to use drugs to facilitate sex with other men. For those who like it abstract, it’s simply a meet and greet, some crystal meth and lot of sex. The catch here isn’t limited to the drugs and sex, but the recent death that is raising a lot of eyebrows.

Chemsex: Origin and Current Status

BBC reports a recent incident in London that is seemingly a chemsex party gone wrong. The victim, Miguel Jimenez, fell victim to a drug overdose while he was with his partner, barrister Henry Hendron. While the latter maintains that it was just a case of overdose, the incident raises more questions than answers. A Prima facie case of overdose isn’t a rarity, but that alone doesn’t rule out the unseen hands in play here.

Gay men and drugs have gone hand in hand in recent times too. Major study from UK speaks of the growing drug use among the gay men in contrast to their straight counterparts. Furthermore, the partakers aren’t hard to find too. Dating app such as Grindr provides a platform where enthusiasts can establish contact and partake subsequently.

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Important to distinguish between a casual drug use that ends up with sex and ‘Chemfun’ [pseudonym], where drugs are prerequisites in order to have sex. As outlandish as it sounds, the practice is in existence and rampant too. Not to mention, the increasing cases of STD due to the bizarre trend.

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The Endgame

Drugs like Mephedrone, GHB/GBL and Crystal Meth are the ones that are the key players in such parties. Curbing these drugs will almost certainly take a toll on the Chem-parties. In addition to that, it will mean less OD cases too. The parties usually consists of lot of gay men, doing drugs and engaging in unprotected sex for days long.

Due to the stigma attached to both homosexuality and drugs, it’s difficult to tackle the problem. The participants are likely the ones with jobs too. HIV breakout is the primary endgame here and anything more serious is plain death. Time for deliverance is now.

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