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Traveling Solo: 4 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo Before You Hit Your 30s

While it is always more enjoyable to see a new place with family, friends, and a special someone by your side, there are reasons why you should try traveling solo at least once in your life. It’s even more important to take the time off to see the world by yourself before you turn 30.

Solo travel works for everyone—may you be single, in a relationship, extrovert, and introvert. There are no special skills for traveling solo. In fact, traveling alone has all the benefits and none of the “requirements.”

1. Logistics is easier when traveling solo

It is challenging to coordinate a group with a partner, with family members, and with friends. If you feel the need to traveling solo, then do it now without checking with others if they are available. It might also be easier for you to fix logistics when you are single and don’t have kids yet.

Traveling Solo

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Although a husband/wife and kids should tie you down, it can be hard to find someone to leave your responsibilities to for a bit if you want to travel.

2. Soon, you will have to settle down

Once you reach your 30s, you will be encumbered by so many things—car and home mortgage, career, maybe a family, and many more responsibilities. You cannot just pack and go when you’re in your 30s. You will have to settle down to a routine, and traveling will be planned ahead of time.

3. Traveling solo changes you

Traveling with friends and family turns you into a tourist. You’ll snap all the photos of those touristy places your mom wants to go to. Traveling solo will allow you to get to know yourself.

Because you are alone, you’ll realize what you want and where you want to go. Maybe you want touristy places, that’s okay. Then again, maybe you’ll identify more to far-flung places with cultures so rich it will blow your mind.

4. Experience everything now

Sometimes, people can become “too responsible”—save money, invest everywhere, get married, have kids, build a life for retirement, etc. The misconception is that they have all the time in the world when they retire to travel.

Unfortunately, time is never guaranteed. So, experience the world when you have the chance. And there’s nothing like breathing it all in and learning from it than when you are traveling solo.

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