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Transgender Students Can Feel Safe In Trump’s America – If We Do These

Reversal of transgender bathroom guidance is a straw in the wind indicating a disaster. Trump’s administration at it again – with the stroke of a pen!

A masquerading LGBT-ally during the campaign, a closet antagonist of their rights – Donald J. Trump, ladies and gentlemen! The mundane lives of transgender folk is on the line now, thanks to the withdrawal of federal guidance.

The Obama administration had issued the guidance back in May 2016 to set the protocol on how schools should accommodate trans students. In the wake of its repeal, things are back to square one now. Not to mention, the repeal has erupted chaos and disgust. These perilous times calls for a collective action, of course. In that vein, here are a few do’s and dont’s.

Transgender Rights and Protection

The idea behind Obama’s federal guidance is that any trans person can use a bathroom according to the way he/she identify themselves. Also, trans people have a regular tendency to identify themselves a niche with certain gender and take comfort there. It’s only right that they have unfettered access to the bathrooms of their choice. The new federal guidance begs to differ, however.

Any place of business and schools should necessitate a safe environment for the trans people. Be it the bathroom or classroom, they shouldn’t be treated any differently than a cisgender person. From an individual standpoint, never disrespect a trans person. Besides, trans people almost certainly didn’t have a choice in their disposition. And, is it possible to discern a genetic or anatomical basis for transgender identity? Perhaps, not – for it’s more psychological.

Anyway, respecting a trans person has nothing to do with knowing their identity. In other words, you don’t have to understand someone’s identity to respect it. Lest you forget, never tag a person as transsexual merely by their appearance. It’s imperative to educate oneself first about trans people before jumping the gun. With education, comes refinement – never forget that. Trans people have equal stake on life and rights as much as any cisgender person, to put it briefly.

Do’s and Dont’s

Never go wrong with the pronouns like he/she while conversing with a trans person. Important to remember and respect the trans people’s visceral side. Also, careful with the questions you pose to them. Their transition, sexual life and their anatomy is best left unquestioned. Anytime you come across a violation of their rights, stand your ground and fight it. It’s about time humanity stands up for LGBT community and manifest acceptance.

The list is nowhere exhaustive. There are more ways to make transgenders feel safer in a time when they don’t even have a safe bathroom to use! Time for action is now.

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