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Things Not to Look Forward to in 2017!

2017 is here. New world order and fresh challenges! Best is not yet to come. Turns out, it might well be in the past.

The above statement isn’t coming out of a misanthropic and impudent frame of mind. It’s indeed the product of a study on humanity’s paradigm from the beginning of 2016 up until Donald Trump! Optimism is a tricky thing really. One can vehemently choose to stay optimistic in any perilous circumstance, but subconsciously feel otherwise. 2017 might give optimism a run for its money, to say the least.

2017 Predictions

New Scientist has a rather downbeat report on the impending antibiotic resistance. Besides, the bodily resistance to antibiotics might pose a serious hindrance to the treatment of diseases such as Gonorrhea and urinary infections. Scientists are of an opinion that the resistance will reach a tipping point in 2017 and that is dreadful, indeed. The livestock are likely to fall prey to the impending crisis too.

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The tipping point isn’t exclusive to antibiotic resistance at all. Carbon levels in the atmosphere is well above 400 PPM – the carbon tipping point. In other words, exceeding 400 PPM means that Earth’s climate is past the no-return point. The damage has been done and it’s not subject to change. This year will see the ill-effects of the climate change and it won’t be a pleasant sight, of course.

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Nuclear Proliferation Among Others!

Donald Trump has made a Twitter-deal out of nuclear warfare and he might not be joking. Case in point, he gave a subtly reply to Putin’s nuclear agenda and paved way for premonitions. China, on the other had, is skeptical on the amicable relations with the US due to Trump’s constant berating.

As it stands, global peace is on an ambiguous note. Syrian civil war is showing no signs of cessation. Terrorism is rampant and casualties are aplenty. World leaders are safeguarding their interests and turning a blind eye towards where we’re all heading as a humanity in whole. Have a happy new year and welcome to 2017 the brave new world!

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