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The Real Meaning of Christmas: A Millennial’s Guide

Over the years, we have seemingly lost the real meaning of Christmas. The season turned materialistically crazy, and people are trooping to the malls and bars than meeting with their families and friends. For millennials, this is a time to post cool updates on their social media accounts.

But what is the real meaning of Christmas and how should we celebrate it at this day and age of the internet and social media networks? As we get older, we should realize that Christmas does not only mean spending money on all sorts of things. There’s a deeper meaning as to why we are celebrating the birth of Christ.

Is the real meaning of Christmas about giving and sharing?

Yes and no. If the real meaning of Christmas is about giving and sharing, we may have an excuse to stay in the malls and spend our money on gifts. But the truth is, money does not have anything to do with Christmas (it just makes it a stressful season for some). Sharing and giving can mean something as simple as a meal or a photo.

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The Real Meaning of Christmas

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What you shared or gave doesn’t have to be expensive. It only has to come from you and your desire to make the people around you happy. Christmas is not about the presents, but the people who you share the time with.

Many millennials tend to forget the essence of Christmas because they are so busy competing with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and various social media platforms. They meet with friends to compare the latest gadgets and to talk about their Christmas travels. They don’t realize they are losing precious time they could spend with the family.

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Is Christmas about the family?

In a large part, yes. Christmas is definitely about the family—about spending time with them, sharing a meal with them, and if you can afford it, giving and receiving gifts with them. Millennials are so used to living alone away from their families that they sometimes forget that the holiday season is essentially about your loved ones.

The real meaning of Christmas is not hidden in obscurity or in the niceties of your Christmas tree and ornaments hanging around the house. It’s not something that needs further explaining. It is simply this: love. It’s the season to give and share love with everyone—your demanding boss, your nagger of a partner, and even your annoying co-workers.

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