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How To Take A Marriage Proposal Rejection

We’ve all heard about those scary marriage proposal rejection stories. We even watched some of them on viral videos on Facebook and Instagram. We squirm at the idea of how hurtful it must have been for the guy.

Then, we’re faced with the question: what if it happens to you? Whether you’re a guy or a girl who decided to take matters into her own hand, getting rejected after you proposed just plain sucks. You’ve planned the proposal, but not how you’re going to react if he/she decides to turn you down.

Don’t Ask Why He/She Rejected Your Marriage Proposal

The worst thing you can do is ask your partner why he/she rejected your marriage proposal. Isn’t it enough that he/she turned you down, you still want an explanation on why? You don’t need to know why because it hurts that after being together (hopefully, for years), they are still not ready to spend the rest of their lives with you.

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It will also make you look needy and pathetic if you ask that question. It isn’t really going to solve the underlying problem—which is, they are not looking to spend the rest of their lives with you… yet. If you really need to know, maybe you can ask after a couple of weeks have passed.

Don’t Go On Social Media

Please don’t check your Facebook or any other social media accounts immediately after getting rejected. There are three reasons for this.

One, who knows who took what video and uploaded it on their accounts? The next thing you know, your pain is on viral video already. Two, your friends will surely talk about this for days, so you don’t want to hear her friends and family laughing at you.

Finally, not going on your social media accounts will stop you from posting angry comments and ranting on Facebook. You have been rejected already, you surely don’t want to look pathetically angry, too.

Leave The Situation

This is not because you want to run away from what happened. It simply means you’re putting yourself first for now. When your partner rejects your proposal, simply leave the place and go home.

You have to mend your heart in peace and try to piece it back together. Prioritize your feelings first, so you can move on from that marriage proposal rejection. It’s not going to be easy, but you have to start as soon as you can—like, after the actual rejection.

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