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Successful Women: How To Stop Feeling Guilty And Ashamed Over Achievements

One of the best ways to put down successful women is to make them feel guilty and ashamed of what they have accomplished. Whether it’s an office worker gushing about how “lucky” you are or your spouse muttering that you have no time for him, guilt is a feeling women know too well.

Why would you need to feel ashamed of what you have accomplished in your life? You have worked hard for it and labored for it. There is nothing to feel guilty about when you’ve got everything you want in your life because you sacrificed and compromised and make uncomfortable decisions.

Successful Women Don’t Need To Be Apologetic

People, our loved ones especially, are so good at making us feel bad for being successful women. For example, your boss decided to send you for a business trip to London. Instead of congratulating you, your co-workers would say: “lucky you,” “it’s good you don’t have kids,” “how I wish I was chosen, too.”

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Number one, you worked for it and that’s why your boss chose you. Number two, having kids and not having kids don’t affect how you work. You should not feel ashamed for deciding not to have kids, so you can focus on your career.

And number three, your success doesn’t mean your co-workers’ failures. It just might mean that for the time being, you were better and you deserve this reward more.

This trip to the guilt lane doesn’t happen to successful women alone. It happens even to those who are climbing up the ladder and enjoying their single life. How many times have I heard the phrase: “why do you party on weekdays?”

Why the hell not? Unless you come in late next day or become a nuisance to your boss, co-workers, and the company, there is no reason for anyone to judge the lifestyle that you choose. So what if you want to have fun every single night?

Eradicate The Feeling Of Guilt

If these people truly love you, they would be happy for you. If your friends truly want you to have the best, they wouldn’t make you feel bad for buying that pair of shoes first.

Surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart. It will not do you good to try to change them. That is not your role here.

Successful women go through these times, but your success is not measured by what people think of it. The only thing that matters is you haven’t stepped on anyone’s foot to reach this point. Your confidence is the true meaning of success.

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