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Simon Sinek and Millennials: Social Media is Like Your Fake Friend

Simon Sinek and Millennials. The renowned author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek opened up about his views as to why the Generation Y is unhappy.

According to him, the generation grew up believing that they were special. Because of this, when they couldn’t make an impact upon growing up, they begin to question their own capabilities.

Bad Parenting Reason For Today’s Millennial Depression

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Sinek says that parents rewarded their kids even if they don’t deserve gratification. Parents complained when their kids didn’t get medals, they applaud any little act of their kids. Because of this, kids didn’t know which are those actions that really deserve rewards.

When the millennials grew up, they realized that their parents couldn’t do anything about their job. The harsh reality of the competition hits them while at the same time, they want to make it big. What the generation sees right now are 16-year-old geniuses, kids who found charity institutions and Pulitzer Prize awardees.

That moment where your hangover gets a lot worse.

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Simon Sinek and Millennials: Not As Unique As They Think They Are

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We grew up thinking we are special, that we are unique. We believed that by changing ourselves, we can change the world. Unfortunately, they later realize that someone out there is much better at what they do. After staying for a few months at their job, they begin to ask why they are not making an impact.

What they don’t realize, however, is that their Generation is the most flexible of all. Millennials have more open-mind regarding changes and they seek to learn new skills every day. They just need to make it past their insecurities and doubts.

Solution: Minimize The Use Of Social Media

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Sinek says that the Generation Y lacks deeper relationships among their peers. This is the generation which they go to restaurants, instead of just talking while waiting for their meals, they snap selfies. When their meals arrive, they take photos and post them on Instagram. They make themselves busy by actively engaging in social media but fail to face the person in front of them.

When they use the social media, they only filter the good side about their life. It’s also what they see among their followers and online friends. They just see pictures of their former high school classmate hanging out at a club or their exes mountain climbing and they feel that their life is lacking. So what they do is they also just post themselves when they are laughing but when they post something negative, they get frowned upon.

The Generation Y need to surround themselves with people who truly support them, those who can look them in the eye and be with them when they start to doubt themselves. “They blame themselves… but it’s not them. It’s the total lack of good leadership in our world today that is making them feel the way they do.”

“They blame themselves… but it’s not them. It’s the total lack of good leadership in our world today that is making them feel the way they do.” says Simon Sinek.

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