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Sexual Education: Pornhub’s Sub-site Offers Lessons on Sexual Wellness

‘Real talk about sex, from those who know it best’ – Pornhub’s sexual education tag line speaks for itself. Means it too.

For the avid fans of site, Pornhub wants to offer more than the material to cater to their carnal desires. Correspondingly, their new sub-site will provide sexual education from the scratch. From ‘what is consent’ to ‘top erotic positions for lesbians’, Pornhub’s ‘Sexual Wellness Center’ has it all. This move from the popular pornography website is welcoming on the grounds that it will aid in healthy practices among the users.

Pornhub’s Sexual Education

Mashable has an exclusive report on Pornhub’s state-of-the-art endeavor. The report has statements from Pornhub’s executives regarding the motto and motive behind ‘Sexual Wellness Center’. Considering that pornography plays an integral role in children’s sexual education, might as well educate them meanwhile! Besides, they won’t stop coming back!

On a serious note, Pornhub’s Vice President Corey Price contemplates providing “insightful and credible information” to the visitors. In order to achieve the ‘credible’ part, they have appointed one of the best sex therapists in business. Famous sex therapist Dr. Laurie Betito will spearhead the website along with a team of resourceful persons.

Primarily, the website will shed light on the fundamentals of sex, intimacy and STIs. Also, safe-sex practices and precautionary measures will feature predominantly in the ‘Sexual Wellness Center’. If the visitor is quite aware of the basics, then they can help themselves with topics that are, say, more interesting! Furthermore, Price asserts that this isn’t merely for the novices. The idea is to appeal to users who seek things more down the lines of ‘sexual columns’ alike.

Sexual Wellness Center

Pornhub has the daily visitors roughly in the range of 70 million in numbers. True story! In that vein, the new site might work wonders, indeed. Chances are that most of the visitors are kids and seemingly naive about the enigma that is sex. Coming from those ‘who know best’, the lessons might go a long way in life.

This website might aid in tackling the pitfalls of pornography too. In the world of porn, good chances that kids might come across things spawn out of a twisted frame of mind. Fox example – it’s in their best interests that kids incline towards intimacy rather than augmented breasts and BDSM fetishes. Perhaps, this is a sophisticated form of damage control from Pornhub? Just a thought.

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