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Sex and Cannabis: The Best Of Both Worlds

Favorite activity and favorite plant – sex and cannabis – can perhaps blend into one and epitomize fulfillment. What doesn’t add up?

It is indeed a perpetual argument on the perks and pitfalls of cannabis. However, a latest study renders some degree of clarity in the matter. Question is not if sex and cannabis can go hand in hand, but what can possibly go wrong?

If you are an hopeless romantic and an avid fan of the herb, then, perhaps, mixing pleasure with pleasure can do wonders? Remember, juxtaposing a sensual feeling with another parallel feeling need not necessarily enhance anything. The latest study has some interesting details in that respect.

Sex and Cannabis

Leafly reports University of California Santa Barbara’s take on cannabis as an aphrodisiac. Case in point, cannabis can swing both ways. It can have arousing effect or can simply be a libido depressant. Turns out, cannabis’ effect on libido is subjective on the grounds that the arousing effect has to do with the partisan’s mood during the intake. Contrary to the this proposition, Psychology Today’s poll begs to differ.

The reports boasts of 67 percent users in agreement with cannabis’ aphrodisiac property. A minor 20 percent were of an opinion that circumstances have a hand in it. Another interesting theory is that cannabis users tend to have more sexual partners. An Australian research center reports the increase in sexual partners with cannabis consumption – for men and women alike.

Besides, the same study establishes premature ejaculation in conjunction with cannabis use. Considering how cannabis can alter one’s perception of time, albeit that shouldn’t be a problem. Minutes can seem like seconds and seconds – sometimes – may seem like hours on end! Many studies often testify to cannabis’ significant contribution in the suppression of testosterone. The sex harmone has a major role to play in the sexual health and its suppression is a definitive bad news.

The ‘Moobs’

Another acclaimed research body put forth a new theory on man-boobs or more colloquially, “moobs”. Excessive cannabis use can enhance the development of male breast tissue. Besides, this argument finds a supports from the ‘testosterone theory’. To sum it up, men are seemingly at the receiving end of sex and cannabis debate.

On a lighter note, cannabis is gradually losing the long-standing stigma surrounding it. Governments are fancying the idea of flexible laws on cannabis and its derivatives. Needless to say, it’s just a matter of time before cannabis becomes a part of mundane life. Until then, it’s in our best interests to explore the herb for all the good things it can offer; or not.

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