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Server Problems During Holidays: Top Three Moments That Make Restaurant Servers Scream During The Holidays

As the air gets chilly and the temperature drops, you’ll notice how your local restaurant servers are getting more stressed by the minute. The holidays are the worst season for those working in the retail and restaurant industry. There’s no denying that server problems during holidays are the stuff hell is made from.

While the rest of us plan our Christmas dinner and shopping, those working in restaurants need to prepare for someone else’s Christmas parties and someone else’s dates. And while you sing along to Christmas songs, servers cringe at the very thought of it. Here are the three worst moments for restaurant servers:

Server problems during holidays: Coming to work during winter

Ever tried to go to work during a winter storm? No? You have to almost literally shovel snow away from the road as you walk toward the subway or the bus station just to go to work. There’s no excuse not to be there because somehow, even if we’re under 12 inches of snow, people are still going to restaurants to dine and have fun?

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Server Problems During Holidays

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If you have no car and there is no available bus or train route, what will you do? Normally, people would just call in sick or they’ll be excused from working, but restaurants don’t have that privilege during the holiday season. They need every single one of their crew, no matter what they have to do to get there.

Cheap customers not tipping enough

Everyone is chirpy happy during the Christmas season. Some are engaged and some are meeting friends after a long time. But for the life of restaurants servers, they’ll never understand why customers continue to be cheap with their tips.

I mean, come on, you have just been given a two-carat diamond, you had a $200 dinner, and you’ll tip the server $5? Are you insane? No wonder, servers hate us so much during the holidays.

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Going to the restroom

Or not going at all. There’s no way waiters, waitresses, and bartenders can go to the comfort room during dinner rush. Somehow, the adrenaline of everything that is happening keeps their bladders from exploding.

It’s a little wonder our local servers in restaurants are the least happy people during Christmas and New Year. These server problems during holidays can make anyone wish for an early deathbed.

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