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Why She Secretly Wants You To Ask Her Out And Why You Should

Dynamics between a man and a woman can be intense and downright confusing. The most important factor in this dynamic are those things which are left unsaid. Dating tips, relationships tips and so many other tips try to expound on this very dynamic.

The biggest challenge in the initial steps of making a relationship happen is the ‘asking out’ process. A lot of questions loom around both genders to face this particular obstacle. Who should initiate the conversation, who is going to be the one talking about dating- these are questions that will continue the haunt mankind for eternity?

Let’s make it easy for the guys out there. If you are wondering if you should be making the first move, we are listing down some hints that should help you gather the courage to ask her out. Now, note this: All these indications do not mean that she may be into you. However, this could help you ask her out in a civilized way.

Hint #1 She Constantly Talks To You About Her Future Man (Often Saying, “The Way You Are…)

Have you ever spoken to her and figured that she constantly talks to you about how her future partner should be? Does she usually say that she wants someone like you to be with her? This may be one of the hints for you to pick up.

Hint #2 She Refers To Bitter Experiences Of Her Past

One of the best things about friendship is you can feel secure when confiding about your feelings. It could be possible that your friend has gone through a bitter experience in the past. She may have gone through rejection herself that might be keeping her away from asking you out. Be sensitive about what she has shared with you. Don’t let it look like you are exploiting her vulnerability to be with her because that’s downright uncool!

Hint #3 Most Of Her BFFs Know About You

Girls swear by their BFFs. If her BFF knows about you, then you possibly hold a special place in her heart. If their BFFs look super excited to get to know you, you may have easily overcome the first milestone in getting to have her as your special someone.

No matter what is said and done, always remember that a woman is drawn to a man who respects her decisions and gives her space. Even if things do not turn out well when you ask her out, do not be disheartened. Hear her out and try to protect your friendship over everything else. Ultimately, isn’t love also more about friendship than anything else?

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