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Why He Secretly Wants You To Ask Him Out And Why You Should

The mechanics of the dating world is quickly evolving. Gone are the days when a guy has the sole responsibility to ask a girl out. Nowadays, men want to turn the tables and let a woman relieve them of this responsibility. And why not?

All relationships start somewhere. It can be through physical attraction or just sharing common interests. In a normal cycle of things, a girl-boy relationship usually starts out as friends. You’d hang out initially with friends where you discover more of each other.

Guys Are Afraid To Be Rejected Too

After a few more group hangouts, you start to realize that you want to be more than friends with this guy and you know he is into you too. So, why is he not asking you out?

According to a Cosmopolitan article, your man is probably hoping you’d make the first move. Just like girls, guys are also scared of being rejected. Even though his feelings are pretty much evident, he is afraid that you might say no.

The outlet notes there are a lot of reasons why. This can be because he’s too shy voicing out his feelings. Another possible reason is he may have never asked a girl out. So, the next time you hang, tell him you want to try and go for a romantic date with him.

Sadie's isn't just for dances people. Break the gender norms idk, do something different. Go up to that guy, you'll never know you might make his day. #girlsaskguysout

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Asking a Guy Out Is Sexy

Elite Daily notes that sometimes guys wait for girls to ask them out because they think it’s hot for a girl to ask them out. Don’t believe it? A survey shows 95 percent of guys do think so! Moreover, they are more than willing to pass the baton to girls so that the pressure of asking someone out does not totally rely on them.

On the other hand, asking a guy out exudes confidence and acting on what you want is well, sexy. Moreover, this makes a man know that you really do have the hots for him and will want to give your romance a try.

There are probably more reasons why a guy wants you to secretly ask him out but the point is, it’s the 20th century, a girl should always go for what they want. Enough of the “damsel in distress” moves, being confident and assertive only shows how confident you are of yourself.

Dating can sometimes be a pain in the ass but if you know you like this guy a lot, ask him out! Have you tried making the first move? How was the experience? Share them with us!

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