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How To Say No To A Marriage Proposal When You’re Not Ready

A marriage proposal is something not to be taken lightly. Your special someone probably devoted a few hours away from his favorite video game or from work to make sure that when he gets down on one knee, it will be memorable. However, what if you are not ready to say yes?

Marriage Proposal Rejected!

You’ve been together for more than five years and the people around you have been putting extra pressure to your boyfriend on when does he plan to pop the question. While you both laugh it off, you can sense that something is happening behind your back. What do you do?

There are a lot of possible ways to reject your boyfriend’s marriage proposal. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be an easy act to do so. Huffington Post’s Sandy Malone said in her article that more often than not, a diamond ring stuck on her ring finger, sometimes clouds one’s judgment, make sure you don’t.

Be Honest If You Are Not Ready

Your boyfriend pops the ‘will you marry me’ question and you’re not ready, tell him. Unfortunately, it may take a while for him to process your response, especially if he has done a very public marriage proposal. Apart from dealing with his emotions, you also need to explain it to both sides of the family.

Some compare a marriage proposal rejection like when you are stabbed with a double-edge sword. However, it is better to let it be known right then and there rather than on the day of your wedding, right? Apart from the rejection and embarrassment, a huge wedding bill is another painful expense you both have to endure.

When you reject his proposal, tell him why. You have to be honest because he deserves it. Probably after citing your reasons, he may understand your firm rejection of his wedding proposal and work on your relationship.

Accept The Consequences

For the guys, if you can sense your partner’s indecisiveness about getting married, please avoid asking her in public. This will both save you from the embarrassment of having to explain it to your friends and family. Yes, girls want a surreal marriage proposal but you have to be sure that you’re both on the same page.

Once the deed is done and you’ve said no to your boyfriend, you have to accept the consequences that may follow. He can either end your relationship or he can stay. When he chooses to do the former, respect his decision and move on.

Meanwhile, if he chooses the latter, make sure your lines of communication are open. Verbalize when do you think you’d be ready to enter a lifelong commitment with him. Moreover, when you know the time is right (after making sure he still wants to get married), why not switch places and create the best marriage proposal ever?

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