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Santa Claus Real: Here Are Five Facts You Probably Don’t Know

When I was about 10 years old, I finally answered the question of Santa Claus real. As much as I wanted to believe there was an old bearded man with a red cape across his shoulder, I caught my mother hiding presents in the Christmas stockings I hang near my bedroom window. And so, that was the end of Santa Claus for me.

Little did I know that I would begin to realize how real Santa Claus is when I’m already an adult—away from my family and living on my own. It turned out I am Santa Claus now, just like my mom was when I was a kid. My friends are Santa Claus, too. Don’t get me wrong, there are known facts about the man we call Santa Claus, and we’re here to revisit them.

St. Nicholas is Santa Claus real

Santa Claus goes by many different names. He is St. Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, and many more, depending on what culture and tradition you follow. Stories said that Santa Claus real was actually based on St. Nicholas, a monk during 325 AD who was known for brawling and for giving gifts and protecting children.

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Santa Claus Real

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St. Nicholas lived in fourth century Myra, now modern-day Turkey. He became well known throughout Europe, and eventually became the patron saint of Russia.

St. Nicholas helped a poor man with daughters

The first story about St. Nicholas goes like this: a poor man has three daughters but he had no dowry to marry them off. He was afraid they would fall into prostitution. Legend said St. Nicholas dropped three bags of gold through an open window in the man’s house to save the girls from the street.

St. Nicholas discovered dismembered children

According to stories, St. Nicholas once stayed in an inn, where he discovered dismembered children in pickle barrels. He reassembled and resurrected the children before punishing the innkeeper who massacred them.

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The naughty or nice list was made for adults

The naughty or nice list was originally created for adults, but Protestant Reformation in New York banned religious celebrations of Christmas because they were paganish. Still, people went on to celebrate it and they went home drunk and did all sorts of things on the streets.

A bunch of New Yorkers then formed the Saint Nicholas Society of New York to keep these people off the street. They used St. Nicholas as the front man for their society. It was the perfect way to turn Christmas into a family event rather than a way for adults to be merry and drunk.

Christmas was not actually on December 25

If historians and astronomers are to be believed, Christmas would actually fall on June 17, which means we have been celebrating it wrong since 350 AD. Does it also mean that Santa Claus real has been giving gifts to children on the wrong day and time?

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