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Salary hike and its Trivial Impact on Happiness

Everybody could use a salary hike every now and then. Don’t be naive, that has nothing to do with happiness, anyway.

Life, in its abundance, never ceases to amuse. Season roll by, circumstances are ever-changing, happiness is a seemingly perpetual enigma. Funny how George Washington puts a ‘pursuit’ before ‘happiness’ in the Declaration of Independence. As great a person he was, he had the happiness part figured. He contemplates happiness as a journey rather than a destination. Happiness vests with the slightest of things to far-reaching situations. Salary hike, on the other hand, has little to do with the well-being, reports say.

Salary Hike and Happiness

Truth be told, a salary increase is something most would be keen on. In a research involving 200,000 people, salary increase comes out as trivial as letter ‘S’ in the word ‘island’! In addition to being trivial, this doesn’t stand a chance in the grand scheme of things at all. At least, not as much magnitude relationship holds, reports i News.

On a scale of 0-10, participants are given a set of factors that impact their state of well-being. The participants are to rate the factors in accordance to what gives them happiness. Case in point, Salary hike makes up to merely 0.2 score. Come relationship and voila, a score of 0.6! Further proving the subconscious need for human connection.

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Furthermore, the well-being is inversely proportional to the separation or death too. While the hike in the salary doesn’t amount much to the well-being, unemployment and mental health score relatively high. A whopping 0.7 points, to be precise. The results are gratifying as to the convictions of humanity as whole.

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Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is constantly striving to raise awareness on the essentials of well-being. Their research is an eye-opener to the prerequisites of life for the state of well-being. In the times as perilous as these, it’s important to comprehend what unites us as species.

Irrespective of the direction we’re heading to, hope is not far away. Happiness may not be a steady state or a destination, but it’s a journey worth taking.

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