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How To Stay Safe On A Tinder Date

Opportunities are aplenty in Tinderland, no doubt. Men and women alike, swipe right and end up on a Tinder date. So far, so good – safe yet?

Tinder is the next best thing to sliced bread for those hopeless romantics out there. Whether you seek an intimate relationship or a guilt-free action, the app can hook you up. Contrary to the application’s tagline of ‘It’s like real life, but better‘, there are downsides too, obviously. You didn’t think you would meet someone, fall in love and ride into the sunset, did you? That is too surreal on the grounds that most of these hook-ups are driven by carnal intentions. Sometimes, after getting a match, the subsequent date can take a turn for the worse. Remember these points to walk away unscathed.

Tinder Date: Points To Remember

When there are over 40 million users worldwide and over a billion swipes daily, things are bound to get ugly some time. In the wake of getting a match, a conversation takes place before culminating to a date. The crux here is that this is the maiden rendezvous. Naturally, there is an air of skepticism and a tinge of dubious aura. Besides, one barely knows the other person’s second name, let alone their temperament!

Hence, it’s imperative to do a background on the other person well in advance. Yes, we are hinting at stalking! Not like the creepy guy liking your picture from 2004, but a mere glance. Perhaps, their Facebook page or an Instagram account should suffice. No legit bio, pictures or any other details should give you a much needed heads-up. Better yet, “block” them and get back on with your swipe left or swipe right dilemma!

In case, you are a person who likes to keep things interesting, then plunge into it, except, have your own means of commute. In other words, don’t rely on the other person to pick you up or drop you. It’s essential not to be under the mercy of the other person in the first date. More importantly, the meeting is better off in the daytime. Additionally, more public the place is, the better! Meeting for the first time in a house or an apartment envisages things going astray.

Tinder Perks and Pitfalls

The best method to ensure one’s safety is to let a close friend know about the entire plan. Tell the meeting place, the name and contact details of the other person, just in case. Online dating hasn’t always had the best outcome and taking precautions is the least you can do. At least, for the first few times.

Don’t get ahead of yourself just because you saw a “connection” with the other person. People can put on almost any facade to satiate their cruel intentions. Happy dating!

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