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Relationship Tips: How To Love When You Have Trust Issues

One of the most difficult things to do is to trust someone when you have your heart broken once.  To be able to trust someone after being cheated on is not an easy task. But surely as time passes, the heart finds courage to take risks.

Clearly, if you have had your heart broken, it would be one of the most painful memories in your life. Sometimes memories linger longer than it should, damaging the potential of a future relationship.  So, how does one move ahead and take the risk of giving their heart to someone again?

Tip#1 Baby Steps Is The Key

Your heart will definitely take time to recover from the past experiences. Taking baby steps is a good way to move ahead. It is not advisable to rush into a total commitment with someone. Take your time, get to know each other and keep it casual.

There is no one else that can protect your heart as well as you can!

Tip#2 Try Not To Compare

Everyone who walks into your life will not be like the one who cheated on you. Give anyone who walks into your life a fair chance. Do not immediately try to make a chart of comparison with your bitter experience.

Everyone deserves a fair chance to have a go at your heart!

Tip#3 Try Not To Be Paranoid

You have all the rights to go crazy about guarding yourself. But don’t push that to another person. When you are considering dating someone, stalking their social media accounts (in their presence) is not a great idea. If they find out that you are snooping into their texts, it is going to drive them away.

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Tip#4 Don’t Be Scared

It is possible to carry some fear of the future. Every good thing that comes your way doesn’t have to be laced with some heartbreak. You might be thinking, “It can’t be so good”, “if it’s so good, there has to be something wrong”, “something is going to go wrong”. These thoughts indicate that you are waiting for something wrong to happen.

Waiting for bad news will bring bad news!

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Tip#5 Talk About What You Feel

If you feel any red flags in a budding relationship, then find your confidants and speak to them about it. Surround yourself with people who won’t judge you for sharing your feelings. You have all the rights to build boundaries around your heart.

You build boundaries only around what you value. So value your heart!

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