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Relationship Advice: De-Mything of Ex-Lovers Being Friends

They say some relationships start from friendship while others in friendship. One question has been the point of constant debate though: Can ex-lovers continue to be friends? A lot of relationship advice say it is mostly not healthy to go the friendship route after a break-up.

Others opine that relationship advice which propagates ex-lovers cannot be friends is plain orthodox. Well, the verdict has not being reached yet. There are some great examples of couples staying good friends even after a break-up or a divorce.

Staying Friends After A Break-Up Is for the Brave Hearted?

An ancient adage says that if two people can go back to being friends after being in love, they were never in love at all. Well, there are many who conflict this decision about ex-lovers. A very interesting development in this regard- when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin introduced a new term with their separation. The term was “conscious uncoupling”.

Here is to reunions, togetherness, family, and love love love. Happy thanksgiving eve, everyone. Love, gp

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When the couple separated, they chose to steer away from the term divorce and brought about a new age separation term. The couple chose to keep their kids as priority even as their 10-year marriage broke up. They stuck to their commitment as they vacationed together with their kids, even when both were dating other people. Paltrow ascertained in an interview that they are always going to be a family!

Staying Away As Part of Healing

Some may not be as brave-hearted as Paltrow. Many have found staying in touch with ex-lovers as toxic. It could be a detriment to the healing process for some. It gets trickier when one of those from the separated couple starts dating someone else.

Facebook: Terribly Tiny Tales

What do you do when someone you once loved moves on and finds happiness with someone else? Of course the decision of staying friends or not has a lot to do with how the breakup happened. Was it a mutual decision or a messy one?

Well, it is best to look into one’s own hearts and find the strength to do what is healthy for their own lives. Who else can be the best protector of your own soul, than YOU!

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