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Real Christmas Date: It Doesn’t Fall On Dec. 25

If we are going to celebrate the real Christmas date, we should be sending gifts on June 17. Scientists were quoted as saying that astronomical calculations showed Jesus’ real birth to be on June 17. Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe to be the son of God.

In the Bible, the three wise men or the three kings —Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar—followed the “Christmas star.” This star led them to a manger, where Jesus was born. But if astronomers were to calculate the appearance of the Christmas star, it will fall on June 17 and not Dec. 25.

A big bright star signaled the real Christmas date

According to astronomers, it is true that a bright star appeared over Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago. Based on the exact position of the celestial bodies, the real Christmas date would be on June 17. The “Christmas star” would actually be a “conjunction” of the planets Venus and Jupiter.

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Real Christmas Date

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These two stars were so close together that it reflected as a bright light over the Holy Land. The wise men could have interpreted this “light” to be the star they were supposed to follow to find Jesus. This calculation was made possible by a software that can recreate the night sky exactly as it was thousands of years ago.

A MailOnline article quoted Australian stargazer Dave Reneke who said there was no other celestial activity 2,000 years ago that could explain the “star” seen by the three wise men. Although the scientists couldn’t exactly pinpoint if that was the Christmas star, it was the closest scientific explanation they can find.

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No one really knows the birth of Christ

But the truth is, no one really knows when Jesus was born. There was no date in the Bible, and there were misconceptions about popular scientific belief that He was birthed somewhere between 3BC and 1AD.

What we know is that the first recorded Christmas was celebrated on Dec. 25 in 336. After a few years, Pope Julius I declared that Dec. 25 will be celebrated as Christmas day. He did not clarify when the real Christmas date was.

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