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Ranking The Countries And Alcohol Consumption – The East, The West And The Drunk!

Average alcohol consumption of a Person in Moldova is 17.4 liters per year. Equivalent to 178 bottles of wine or half a bottle per day. Go figure!

The power of alcohol is such – nothing is too much and too much is too little. The alcohol consumption varies in quantity from country to country significantly. Liquor is part and parcel of mundane life in Moldova, but people barely drink in the middle east. In some cases, the consumption falls rapidly just across the borders. Here is a complete picture of how the countries fare in consumption of C2H6O!

Alcohol Consumption: Country Ranking

Inverse reports on the map released by the World Health Organization [WHO] containing the data for 196 countries. Moldova, Belarus and Lithuania take the top three spots, thanks to their affinity towards liquor. In their defense, they don’t have a sizable population and have relatively less stigma attached to drinking. Not to mention, these countries share an average of around 17 liters of liquor consumption per person per year.

Treading down the list, Russia, Czech Republic and Ukraine follow. First things first, Russians have a penchant for drinking. Even with a sizable population, they rank high in the list. That should pretty much rest the case for Russians affinity towards liquor – mainly vodka. The same holds true to Czech Republic and Ukraine too.

United Kingdom and Australia feature high in the list too. Considering their colossal population, they are doing some heavy drinking out there, turns out. United States rank 49 in the list and their drinking varies significantly within their domain. India and China, on the other hand, have relatively less drinking practices as a whole.

The Cultural Factor

If one observes the map closely, alcohol consumption in the middle east is ridiculously low. Besides, most of the countries’ laws have prohibitions on alcohol too. Religious grounds in most cases and political in some. Statistically speaking, people in some countries in that region consume 100 ml per year.

In countries like Russia, alcohol is blend with the culture. Even Germany for that matter have festivals solely attributed to alcohol. Most parts of the Europe and America have similar practices in comparison to rest of the world. Be it in any form, liquor consumption is something most of the countries share in common. Irrespective of health hazards, economical status, availability and stigma, Alcohol unites us all. Cheers!

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