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Quitting Your Job: When Do You Know It’s Time To Quit Your Job

Are you always lethargic at work? Do you feel stressed by just the thought of going to the office? Maybe it’s about time you think if this job is really for you, and whether you should be quitting your job soon. There is no shame in quitting and pursuing opportunites better for you.

For some people, it’s quite obvious when it’s time to move on from your job. But for others, the signs are not that apparent. However, there are general tell-tale signs that it’s time to walk away and just find another job in an industry that is maybe closer to your heart.

If you lack passion, you should think about quitting your job

You’ll notice how passionate you are in your job when you are waking up with extra excitement for the day ahead. If you lost this passion, then you should think about the possibility of quitting your job. Another sign is when you lost all the feeling you had when you first started working there—that everything is possible.

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If your company is sinking, it’s time to move on

There is no need to go down with the company. It’s practical to start looking for a new job when you know that your company is almost closing. Even if you love your job there and get along well with your co-workers, you have to think about your future, too.

If you have lost respect for the company, you should walk away

There is no use staying with a company you don’t respect. I once had an opportunity to work in an industry I love. But eventually, the company I worked for pushed me to find another employment because I don’t believe in it anymore.

If you are not learning, you have to look for other opportunities

Working should be a constant learning process for us. Every day, you should learn something about yourself, the company, and the job. If you are not learning anymore and you’ve reached a sort of a lull, maybe it’s time to look for better opportunities in another company or industry.

If your gut is telling you to move on, follow it

Sometimes, the most telling sign that you should be quitting your job is what your gut tells you. If you feel that you’re better off somewhere else, then don’t just ignore it. Examine yourself and figure out what you want in the future.

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