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Quick DIY Gift Ideas For Christmas For The Procastinators

It’s Christmas! With Holiday seasons around the corner, there is always so much to do! Spreading joy is the theme of the season, so it is quite obvious that gifts ought to be mentioned here! Nothing spreads joy like gifts! Quick DIY gift ideas for Christmas might bring cheer to some who haven’t thought of anything yet.

While some are super organized with buying and getting gifts on time, there are some who might not call that as their forte. There are again some who love the idea of adding a personal touch to what they do! The perfect idea for those who love giving personalized gifts to their loved ones is Quick DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas.

Here are some of the top picks for Quick DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas. Get the materials, take the stationery out and get going!

Mason Jars To The Rescue

Mason Jars always make up for great gifts! One can use it to gift cookies but beautify the jar in a Christmas themed decoration. The quickest way would be to get some paper printed images with good resolution and paste it neatly onto the mason jar!

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

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Source: Pinterest

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Spa and Stuff

Mason Jars can be used here as well! Get all the spa essentials and pack it in a Mason jar! Scrubs and Bath salts are a good idea to keep handy for Quick DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas. All one needs is Epson salt, sea salt, essential oil and food coloring.


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Gifting scented candles can be a little tricky. You never know the preferences of fragrances by people. However, some quick ideas make up for good gifts this season. A Cinnamon stick candle is very easy to make. Glue the cinnamon sticks together and pop in a candle inside it (see image below: Courtesy: Zulu and Observer).

Customized Notebooks

It is easy to get some notebooks in hand, look for some nice fabric and cover those notebooks. Also finding good tags and using it to paste it across the cover is a good idea.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Sue some of these help you in making quick DIY gift ideas for Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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