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How To (Properly) Deal With Annoying Co-Workers

In every work environment there is a huge possibility you will encounter annoying co-workers. Don’t worry; it’s normal. We are all human beings and nobody has infinite amounts of patience.

Dealing with those kinds of colleagues can be hard, especially if you’re in the brink of exploding. If you explode, however, that will result into an argument that can reach the boss. Before you lash out, take a deep breath and consider the following pointers.

Keep Calm and Deal With Annoying Co-Workers

Assess The Situation

Try to see if your co-worker is really annoying or you’re the one with the problem. Everyone has pet peeves and you may not know that what he or she is doing is already a habit. Who knows, you can find a way to work around the problem.

Ignore The Problem

This is actually one of the best ways to handle annoying co-workers. No matter how hard it might be to ignore your colleague’s loud laughter, find a way to tune him or her out. Remember, you have a deadline to do. If it’s allowed, use headphones that can cancel out outside noise. Then play some music that can help you calm down and focus on your work.

Approach Your Co-Worker

If ignoring the problem is almost impossible now, then it’s time for you to talk to your colleague. Don’t do it publicly to avoid humiliation. Be polite but assertive with the problem. Keep things professional so there should be no name-calling and degrading. If you feel like you couldn’t hold it in, bring a trusted friend along to act as mediator. In addition to that, end the conversation on a positive note. That way, the two of you can resolve the problem together with no hurt feelings.

And If All Else Fails…

Talk To Your Boss

Before you approach your manager, assess the entire situation first. Do you really need to involve your boss? Remember, the manager is a very busy person so you have to make sure that his or her time won’t be wasted listening to you. Choose the time when the boss is not catching up with deadlines or about to meet important people in the company.

Once you are in front of your boss, don’t complain to him or her. Instead, try to frame your problem in a positive way. Or if it’s alright with the manager, ask if it’s okay to have a room where people can focus on their work. That way when the annoying co-workers acted up again, the affected persons can just take their things and move to the focus room.

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