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The Pitfalls of Mixing Alcohol With Drugs!

The best of both worlds might not be the best idea sometimes. Mixing alcohol with drugs can harm you in ways that are better left unsaid.

Alcohol, for the most part, is a downer. Mix cocaine with it and it directly messes with the central nervous system [CNS]. The reason is quite simple to comprehend, of course. Cocaine is a stimulant and it does its job by stimulating the brain functions. Alcohol, on the other hand, is influencing the brain at the same time, but backwards! The pitfalls of mixing alcohol with drugs is nothing shy of a bummer! Read on.

Mixing Alcohol With Drugs: Street Dope

First things first, the true composition of the street drugs is always a debatable one. The truth behind the preparation, ingredients and purity is mostly on a dubious note. Besides, it’s hard as it is to get one’s hands on it anyway, so the users don’t question often. While using cannabis, alcohol presence in the body ensures active absorption of THC that can induce nausea and anxiety among other things.

Cocaine with alcohol can be fatal to say the least. Heart attack, severe palpitations and abrupt death in the extreme event too. Turns out, the chances of fatalities persist for as long as 12 hours after the consumption. Amphetamines are no exceptions with the fatal outcome too. Speed applies a lot of pressure on the heart and alcohol is the final nail in the coffin.

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Speaking of fatalities and mixing alcohol with drugs, heroin is the top adversary. As both alcohol and heroin are downers, overdosing isn’t a surprising outcome upon the mix consumption. To sum it up, such consumption compromises CNS and subsequently leads to coma and death in some cases.

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Prescription Drugs

Xanax, Valium and Nembutal are the commons prescription drugs that are abused with alcohol frequently. Many cases of death and coma have been reported due to such consumption, but it’s rampant still, nonetheless. Due to ready availability of both, the fatal cases are predominant in this category.

Perhaps, in some cases the reaction isn’t very severe physically. However, it takes its toll on the mental health in the long run leading to acute mental conditions. Drugs are harmful even without the involvement of alcohol, obviously, but an user is better of keeping them mutually exclusive.

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