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Pet Anxiety: How To Properly Deal With It

Pets are probably one of the most amazing things nature has given to human beings. Many people just love pets because of the companionship and the thrill of being able to raise one. But do you have ever noticed your pet acting strange before you leave? Do they hog your attention as if they’re asking you not to go? Then maybe your furry pal is experiencing pet anxiety.

Separation anxiety is triggered when the owner leaves the house. Some signs include excessive howling or meowing and destroying things like shoes and carpets. Before you think of giving up on your pet, here are some tips on how you can properly deal with pet separation anxiety.

Pet Anxiety: “Don’t Leave Me!”

Lap me up daddy…. ????????????

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Consult a veterinarian

Before anything else, go visit a vet. The vet will then examine your pet and see if it has separation anxiety. This is because sometimes your pet could be misbehaving and not experiencing real stress. Once the vet concludes that your pet has separation anxiety, he could prescribe some medicine to help calm the animal or give some behavior tips for your pet. Don’t rely too much on the drugs, though. They provide temporary relief only.

Keep the pet entertained

Give your pet its favorite toys so it won’t get bored and destroy your things. Leave some food as well in case he gets hungry while he is gone. Before you leave, exercise and play with your pet. If it’s a dog, take it out for a brisk walk. A tired pet is usually calm and, chances are, it will wake up just before, to say, you arrive home.

Leave quietly

Don’t make a big show about leaving. This will only increase your pet’s anxiety! Go quietly so that the pet will understand that your time apart is not a big deal. Make casual goodbyes. A simple pat on the head will be sufficient instead of hugs and cuddles.

Keep a calm head

Try not to be too guilty whenever you leave your pet behind. Remember, your work is important too! Let your pet know that everything is going to be okay even if they’ll be alone for a while. Be calm and composed when saying goodbye to them. A calm and assertive owner will help ease pet anxiety, especially if it is a dog.

Take baby steps

Train your pet in getting used to you going out. Leave your pet alone for five minutes. If things are okay, increase to ten or fifteen minutes. Once you see progress, gradually increase the time you spend away until eight hours or so, depending on your schedule. If you see that your pet is okay, then you’re doing a good job.

Goodbye, Pet Anxiety!

Having a pet is almost like having a child with you. You will care for that bundle of fur, scales, or feathers for the next 10 or so years. Once you have your new companion at home, you better prepare for the ups and downs in taking care of them. Separation anxiety may be one of them but don’t worry about it. Once you’ve overcome that, you’ll get the best friend that you’ll have in your whole life.

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