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The Perks and Pitfalls of Adderall Abuse

Does Adderall abuse ring a bell? Chances are slim because it is not in the swim of things. Dig deeper only to find a world rampant with the combination drug.

Adderall Abuse is perhaps a bit foolhardy, but it’ll make sense at the end of the article. Adderall, for what it’s worth, is nothing but a combination drug containing two salts of amphetamine. While its primary use is to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy, it finds its uses elsewhere too. Most notably among the college goers, thanks to its ability to impart unwavering focus and wakefulness.

Adderall Abuse or Adderall Benefits?

Elite Daily reports on the downside of Adderall use and supports the claim with real-life run-ins with the drug. Important to remember that, this drug is way mellow compared to what’s rampant out there. One simply cannot deny its adverse affects, nonetheless. The drug in question here is one of the most successful ones to combat ADHD too, such is its composition.

Students procure Adderall hoping to bridge the gap between them and the ones who are successful in their respective domains. While rumor has it that it doesn’t fail to provide favorable results, the Adderall abuse is a different story altogether. In addition to insomnia and muscle breakdown, it can cause delusional psychosis and paranoia too.

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Reports have it that around 93 percent of students could get a prescription for Adderall merely by faking the symptoms. Doctors are of an opinion that the drug is by far the best to treat ADD. Alex Malecki’s story is a testament to that fact, turns out. Alex is taking the drug for a while now and he has found success in both his work and personal life. After futile attempts with other drugs in the childhood, Adderall was his talisman, it seems.

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The Ugly Side

Richard’s story paints a disastrous picture of the Adderall, however. Richard was everything a teenager is expected of, straight As, leadership and charismatic to say the least. His encounter with Adderall in college developed into an addiction and things to a drastic turn. Richard could get his hands on Adderall with ease and his parents were helpless.

He fell victim to the depression driven by the drug subsequently. Richard is not alone in the category of Adderall victims. Many students are falling prey to the drug’s potential to aid them in their studies and concentration abilities. While part of it is true, the negative side is equally true too. If Richard’s story doesn’t make it fatal, then it’s beyond anyone’s comprehension what else will.

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