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The Perfect Storm in the Pornography Business!

Pornography business is on the line, but it will never reduce to penury. At least, not till the world grows weary of sex. No, never. Duh.

The pornography business is everything one can imagine about business and the big bucks! There’s lot of it. More money than some of the mainstream movies pocket too. You know that there’s money in it when hardcore rappers like Snoop Dogg get in on the production. Turns out, the business is bad now.

Pornography Business – Decline

The evolution of the society from the prudishness paved way for the boom in the pornography business initially. Subsequently, the porn realm got bigger and bigger to a point where it began to impact some countries’ economy too. Go figure. The new world order with the proliferating technology is cutting in on the porn sales.

Wired has an exclusive report on the world’s largest porn app store, Mikandi. Mikandi’s story dwells on the ambiguity of the business and its declining trend. In contrast to that, porn accounts to 37 percent of all internet traffic too. So, where is all the dough going then? Youtube-esque sites like Pornhub and Youporn offer pirated content free of cost, not to mention the spin-offs.

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Unlike the mainstream movies, porn producers cannot tackle the piracy to great extent too. Due to the taboo and intricacy of porn, the makers mostly operate behind closed doors and have limited powers to act on a broader scale. O’ Connell, chief architect of Mikandi, spills the beans on the declining industry.

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Key Factors in Play

O’ Connell voices the “obstacles” of the business he’s invested in. He and his partners run one of the largest porn app site, but they aren’t basking in the riches. Don’t mistake them to be earning anything shy of five figures, but nothing like they would have hoped. Not only the money is in decline, but also there are new players!

Virtual Reality porn is under development and this necessitates an air of uncertainty over the industry. As debasing and outlandish as VR-porn comes, its potential is robust. Porn, in all its glory, won’t come close to VR’s market. The new world order is as sinister as it’s welcoming, of course.

P.S – Sex will never cease to sell, only the players keep changing!

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