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No, Treating Your Children As The Most Important In The Family Isn’t Unreasonable

Cutting more slack to children will almost certainly result in entitled kids, writes one family psychologist John Rosemond. Well, we beg to differ.

First things first, John has a point. He delves heavily into the rampant practice of child worshiping that goes around. He chides it and makes a robust case against it. Accordingly, children deserve to face the bitter truths of life, minus the sugar-coating. Don’t be Willy Wonkas, rather feed the truth to kids as it is. With all due respect, John turns a blind eye towards parents’ visceral side. A side that lays the cornerstone of a parent-kid relationship just slips John’s mind. Somewhere between finding the downside of prioritizing children and listing the reasons for entitled kids, John lost the plot, may be?

Entitled Kids and Importance Status

John Rosemond begins by citing an example of a couple and their answer to his lucid question. ‘Who are the most important people in your family’ is, perhaps, a question that answers itself for most families – kids! Yet, John thinks it’s unreasonable to give such importance to kids. Parents regarding their kids with such priority and importance is quite arbitrary, if you ask me. Suppose, any parent thinks otherwise – albeit, less likely – they have reasons their own. That leaves us with John’s paradox of entitled kids.

The article published in LA CROSSE Tribune goes on building the case bringing marriage and family life into question. Case in point, John says that people have a misconception that their marriage and family exists because of kids. While he thinks it’s the other way round, it’s not hard to comprehend. However, did he just play foolhardy to the fact that kids save many marriages? In colloquial terms, the word ‘family’ doesn’t come into play until kids come around. Duh.

The article then stoops to audacious lows with questionable take on children’s basic requirements like food and clothing. Once you have kids, it’s only right that you provide for their home, food and clothing among others. Why? Of course, kids aren’t quite capable of doing that themselves, that’s why. Does the fact that you’re providing for them necessarily give you more important status than your kids? If yes, you wouldn’t be providing them at the first place if you thought they weren’t important!

In Different Sectors

Stepping out of the four walls of home, it’s a different world out there. Stakes are different, players are aplenty and there’s no room for emotions. Under these circumstances, John applies the same formula – hierarchy. According to him, the General is necessarily the most important person in the army like a CEO is for a company. True, but what does a CEO and the General count for if not for their subordinates? Not much, I reckon?

On a whimsical note, how can someone not give utmost importance to kids, anyway? They are the bundles of joy, overtly divine and absurdly immaculate. It’s beyond my comprehension how someone can even entertain John’s proposition, let alone follow it.

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