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New Year’s Resolutions: Cook More; Live Better!

New year’s resolutions can get tricky sometimes. For those who haven’t got around it still, cooking is a way to start. No, seriously!

Perhaps, one has to give cooking a serious thought to get to the bottom of its benefits. The perks of cooking isn’t limited to smothering one’s hunger, but goes a long way in life. Not only is it economical, but also healthier by a mile! Instead of letting oneself down by the inability to stick to the new year’s resolutions, cooking more is perhaps the easier choice.

New Year’s Resolutions: Cook!

Heading into the second week of 2017, most of the resolutions are gone with the wind, of course. However, that shouldn’t hold anyone down to make a few amends and take it from there. It’s not yet February, remember! For those of you out there who have to start from the scratch, jump on the bandwagon and let’s go.

First things first, never let anyone have their say on your decision to start cooking too often. Once the hindrance is out of the equations, it’s surprising what one can achieve. For starters, resort to websites like and to get a whiff of what cooking is all about.

Once you realize that it’s nothing but applied science, it’s time to hit the kitchen. Important to begin with something that one is familiar with as it’s easy to review it once it’s done. Furthermore, Youtube videos are aplenty with plethora of dishes too. For those of you who are no outsiders to cooking, new year’s resolutions is to do it more too often.

The Benefits

The art and aesthetics of cooking lies in its prerogative, of course. The cook is in definite control of what’s going into the dish and what’s not. Not a fan of cheese? Ditch it! Correspondingly, there’s room for trial and error, diet is under one’s nose and no inhibitions at play. In addition to being under one’s control, cooking is a profound part of human evolution.

From the time of discovery of fire, till today, humans have constantly evolved as far as cooking is concerned. The era of exquisite delicacies we are in today is perhaps the testament to the evolution.

To sum it up, Cooking at home is a safe bet under any circumstance. When was the last time we heard someone complaining about home food, anyway?

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