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New Year’s Eve Parties: The Top 5 Places In The US To Spend NYE In

The New Year is just around the corner, so you may want to think about where to spend New Year’s Eve parties. Whether you want to party on the streets or by the beach or in a quiet corner with your family, there’s no place like the USA to ring in 2017. That being said, you may want to take a look at this little list of ours about the best NYE party places in the US.

You’ll be surprised at how far New York City, the epicenter of NYE parties, came in this year’s official survey for NYE cities. But in the interest of variety and for those who haven’t experienced the ball drop in Times Square, we’re putting New York here.

New Year’s Eve parties: New York City

You don’t know New Year’s Eve parties like the ones they do in New York. The city’s iconic public square, the Times Square, is where most tourists go to every NYE. There are about 100,000 places in New York where you can ring in the New Year, so don’t feel obliged to troop to Times Square.

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New Year's Eve Parties

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Santa Fe

If you want peace and tranquility to define the start of the new year for you, then head over to Santa Fe. It has the perfect weather for some end-of-the-year shopping, as well as some wild weekend spots you can party in. Fond of antiques, museums, and galleries? Santa Fe boasts of vintage shops and indie boutiques.


Please tell me if there’s something better than watching the fireworks over Waikiki Beach and the Aloha Tower Marketplace. What’s more awesome than that is you can ring in the New Year wearing summer clothes and not bundled up in a plethora of clothing. If you have kids, head over to the Kaka’ako Waterfront Park, which features carnival rides, a beer garden, food trucks, and other sources of entertainment.

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Los Angeles

Not yet sure what to do this New Year’s Eve? Troop to Los Angeles, California because this city has everything—from secluded bars to street parties. You may even see some A-list stars partying it up in bars and restaurants.

Las Vegas

It’s the number one city for wild weekends, so is it any surprise that it’s also one of the best cities to spend New Year’s Eve parties in? Just make sure that you have a good hangover remedy for the aftermath because Las Vegas parties are like no other.

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