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New Year Traditions: 3 New Year’s Eve Traditions That We Should Never Forget

It’s time to say goodbye to 2016 (thank, God) and welcome 2017 with a fresh start. But before doing so, there are a couple of New Year traditions that we should not forget to do. Every country has different traditions that they follow during New Year—whether it’s jumping or wearing a red shirt or serving sticky rice, it’s one big party for everyone.

What are your New Year’s Eve traditions? Do you follow them consistently? In my part of the world, we crank up the stereo volume pretty loud to welcome the year with a “bang.” When we were children, my mom would always tell me to jump up and down as the clock strikes 12. That’ll help us to grow, apparently.

New Year traditions: Wear red or yellow to bring in luck

The Chinese and some parts of Latin America believe that wearing red or yellow will bring in luck for the next year. Red is for love and passion while yellow is for money and prosperity. Some Asian countries follow these New Year traditions, too.

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New Year Traditions

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If you don’t have a red or yellow shirt, you can opt for polka dots, too. Apparently, having rounded objects near you will bring luck and good fortune in the coming year. If you still don’t have any polka-dot shirt, an underwear (red or yellow) will do.

Hold some money in your hand

When the clock strikes on midnight, put down your drink and hold some bills in your hand. This will “ensure” that you’re going to have loads of money in the coming year because the first day of the year saw you holding some. Take note that it’s better to hold $100 bill than $1. Yes, the amount matters, too.

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Sweep away the bad vibes

Practically everyone in the world—from Syria to Asia to the US—wants 2016 to end already. The year has brought nothing but bad juju, and we can’t wait to sweep it all away. As one of the most popular New Year traditions, people literally sweep their houses on New Year’s Eve to rid you all of the negativity that the previous year brought.

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