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New Year Resolutions: Screw 2016! Guide for a Better 2017

Cometh the 2017, cometh the new year resolutions. Follow these simple steps to make this one count!

Here we are folks. End of 2016 and we have come a full circle now. Started the 2016 with a bang, jotted down the new year resolutions and failed, yet again. Most of us are no outsiders to this recurring pattern of another year going in vain. Perhaps, it’s time to turn the tables on our shortcomings and make 2017 count. Here is simple guide to start with and science agrees too!

New Year Resolutions: 2017

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Elite Daily has an exclusive report on a 5 – scientifically proven ways to make a difference in 2017. These steps doesn’t require anyone to stop eating pizza, but sticking to single cheese rather than double might help. Before going through the steps, it’s important to understand that these are merely the fractions of usual drill of life that could use some amends!

Firstly, welcome the light into your lives. Studies show that the productivity levels of people working in day-time and night differ significantly. Psychology has it that the exposure to natural light has direct effect on the circadian rhythm. Circadian Rhythm, on the other hand, is nothing but a 24-hour cyclic-physiological process of the living in accordance with other factors.

Another eccentric study throws light on the internet speed’s impact on the wholesome productivity. Considering that we live in a gizmo world and internet is a governing force, might as well stay ahead of the curve there! Might not come cheap this one, but will make an instant impact.

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Three More

Researchers are of an opinion that employees who socialize more are less likely to stress out. In addition to that, socializing is likely to increase the productivity in a working environment too. Moreover, socializing doesn’t hurt, does it? Might as well give it a go. The next step is perhaps a vital one, so to speak.

Taking a break from an activity is as important as essential factors like sleep, turns out. Studies maintain that an average human can do any activity at high productivity for around 90 minutes. Upon reaching the 90-minute threshold, take a break and resume after 10-30 minutes.

Finally, get out more often. Between an option of doing an activity indoor or outdoor, choose the latter. Being a part of natural surroundings can do wonders on one’s creativity and productivity, it seems. Taking the brevity of life into account, stay happy and do what brings joy. Happy new year!

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