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New Year Resolutions For Singles: 3 Reasons Single People Should Enjoy 2017

Single and ready to mingle? 2017 might just be your best year. There are a lot of hopes this year, especially after the kind of 2016 we just had. If you still haven’t gotten around to doing your New Year resolutions for singles, then now is the time to complete them.

Entering the year as a single entity (which means you don’t have to feel obliged to ring in the New Year with your “person”) shouldn’t make you feel sad or alone. In fact, for most people, it’s a reason to celebrate the year that has been and welcome another one full of optimism, opportunities, and hopefully, love.

New Year resolutions for singles: Travel alone for the first time

This year should be a year of your firsts. If you haven’t traveled alone, then put that on the number one spot of your New Year resolutions for singles. There’s nothing like being in a foreign land to get to know yourself more and what you want out of life… and out of a relationship.

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New Year Resolutions For Single

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If you’re trying to figure out yourself, then this is the best time to do so. You’re young, talented, and (mildly) successful. Travel far and wide, and keep those memories to cherish forever.

Find a new hobby

It can be cross-stitching for all I care. The point is, find something new to give your time and passion to. If it’s something cool and artistic like pottery, then go for it. If you have no artistic bone in your body and you merely want to read loads of books, then good for you, too.

Whatever you decide on, make sure to stick to it. Make time for the things that make you truly happy, and don’t be forced to do things that don’t fulfill you.

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Make new friends

Finding love is tough, yes, and you shouldn’t even make an effort to look for one. It will come at its own slow pace and when it does, you’ll feel like you’ve driven yourself to the edge and there is no turning back. While you’re out there (patiently) waiting for the love of your life, make new friends.

There are a lot of lessons and opportunities you may be missing just because you closed off your social circle. As part of your New Year resolutions for singles, let someone new come into your life.

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