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New Year Party Hangover: The Best Tips to Cure it

Having a New Year party hangover is not one of the nicest feelings a person can have. The morning after a wild party is oftentimes accompanied by a pounding headache and horrible stomach.

If you have something to do later during the day or just want the dreaded feeling to go away, here are some tips on how to make your hangover go away.

How to Battle A New Year Party Hangover

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1. Drink water

One of the most effective ways to combat a hangover is by drinking fluids to re-hydrate the body. Alcohol causes your body to pass more water. It is advised to slowly drink several glasses of water after waking up. If water is too bland for you, opt for coconut water. This nutrient-packed liquid is as hydrating as water and has a slight flavor that’ll have you chugging a glass in one go.

2. Grab some pain killers

Alcohol can cause blood vessels to widen and these can cause headaches that are already bordering on migraines. To reduce the pain, take some pain relievers. Reach for an Ibuprofen instead of a Tylenol. The latter is known to be strong on the liver, which is already busy in flushing out the alcohol in your system.

3. Eat food

Grab some plain but starchy foods like bagels, toast or crackers. The carbohydrates in these food can help with blood sugar levels. When you are hangover, the body’s sugar drops so it’s important to eat food that will bring the sugar back to normal. If you want to add a little sweetness, feel free to put a small amount of honey on your toast or crackers.

4. Get some sleep

Get a few more hours of down time when you have a New Year party hangover. It has been proven that passing out drunk doesn’t give the body enough chance to go R.E.M (rapid eye movement) mode. R.E.M sleep is the time when the body replaces old cells, tissues, and restores every bodily function to normal. After taking the first three steps, go back to bed and drift off to la land. Your body will thank you for it.

5. Eat more food

Try to eat soothing food to reduce the horrible feeling in your stomach. Chicken noodle soup, apples, and bananas are the way to go after a hangover. Whip up some eggs because these food has a certain amino acid that helps counter the side effects of excessive alcohol consumption. If you need to, go for a cup of fresh orange juice. The vitamins present in the juice can help restore your health.

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Goodbye, Hangover

Dealing with a New Year party hangover, or any kind of hangover for that matter, is never pleasant. It takes time, a lot of water, and rest to make it go away completely. The best way to minimize a hangover in the future is by cutting down on the amount of drinks. There’s nothing wrong in drinking alcoholic drinks; what happens the morning after is a big deal. Keep yourself hydrated and balance your sugar levels by eating in between drinks. That way, you can kiss the terrible hangover headaches goodbye.

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