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New Year 2017 Goals: Turn Over a New Leaf With these Steps

Don’t heed to all the ruckus going around about the new year 2017 resolutions! Follow these instead.

New year 2017 and yet, the same drill! Jotting down the new year resolutions and saying ‘whatever’ in a fortnight. Not every goal is as hard as shedding 10 pounds in a week. Perhaps, sticking to simple and realistic goals such as – heading out more often, can do wonders in the long run. Here is a lucid and comprehensive list of activities one can give a shot at.

Goals for New Year 2017

Squeeze in a schedule to go for a stroll between the mundanities of everyday life. As insignificant as it may seem, the benefits of a walk is profound. Furthermore, prioritize outdoor activities over spending time within four walls. Studies speak volumes of benefits from being together with the nature.

Huffington Post suggests to keep a gratitude journal this new year 2017, for starters. The idea is to be grateful for the abundance our lives have to offer. Not only does it boost one’s morale, but also makes for a thing to cherish later on. Changing one’s regime might help too. Sleeping early and waking up correspondingly might change a lot of things.

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Another thing to try is to shut the outside world sometimes and perhaps, read a book. Social media and mainstream media is apparently the culprit behind some common mental issues and refraining from them might do wonders. Not to mention, refraining from people who bring out the negatives will almost certainly do wonders!

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Eccentric Goals

For people who are looking for something new, charity is perhaps the best place to start. A little something can boost one’s self-respect and aid in a greater cause at the same time. If someone is keen on breaking a habit, then indulging in charitable causes is a good start.

Scientists are of an opinion that music can change the perspectives on how one views life. Case in point, pick up an instrument and enroll for lessons. Linguaphiles can resort to learning more languages and may be write a few something too. Irrespective of the materialization of such goals, the benefits are overt and regrets scarcely any!

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