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What is ‘Nasty Women’? Meet the All-female Anti-Trump Art Brigade!

The art fraternity in New York have an outlandish crusade against Donald Trump. The ‘Nasty Women’ brigade is small in capacity, yet colossal is their cause.

Roxanne Jackson was perhaps one of the many who were in disbelief in the wake of Trump’s triumph. She couldn’t quite get in terms with the predicament America got itself in. A free-thinker and an artist by profession, she couldn’t possibly withhold her exasperation and discontent. She took to Facebook and called out for everyone who were in the same boat as hers. This, in turn, paved way for an art movement – Nasty Women.

Nasty Women: The Trump Comment

The name of the movement is perhaps one from Trump’s many misogynistic rhetoric. It was indeed during the Presidential debate on social security that Trump cut in and said, “such a nasty woman“. Hillary, for her part, was conspicuously dominating the debate and Donald lost the plot.

Despite Hillary’s success with the debate and the campaign, she fell prey to the closet Trump voters. Roxanne was following the events closely and she thought that the country is in a different trajectory, reports Huffington Post. In the wake of Nov. 9 results, she didn’t sit back and began a crusade within her forte – art.

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Roxanne’s call to her art circles got swift acknowledgement and went viral too. The movement sent out invitation to send in an art work on a standard 12X12 inches piece. Much to Roxanne’s surprise, the response was overwhelming. Besides, the response culminated to a collection of whopping 1000 pieces of nasty women art.

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The Message

The art in question here is mostly bizarre or grotesque in nature to fit the profile of the movement. These will be on display in an art exhibition that is likely to be scheduled in a week’s time. Furthermore, many such exhibitions are in the schedule over the course of two months. Every one of them with a message in unison, gender equality and chiding the President-elect.

Irrespective of how bizarre or horrifying the art can portray something, it won’t come tad close to the Presidential situation, asserts Roxanne. No arguments on that, of course!

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