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Millennials Losing Hair is More Common than You Think!

Hair loss associated with old age is no secret, but millennials losing hair? Turns out, it is an increasing concern among the youngsters lately.

Hair loss can be a tricky one. Sometimes one can lose a significant amount of hair on a daily basis and not do much about it. Besides, there’s nothing much one can do about it anyway. On the contrary, treatments are rife in this area and some are proving helpful too. Growing trend of millennials losing hair is bit of a shocker, but reasons are aplenty.

Millennials Losing Hair: Reasons

Genetic hair loss predominantly kicks in during the later stages of life. Once you’re over the hill, hair loss is a given. The gizmo era we live in has influenced the lives of the millennials in an adverse way, thus speeding up the ageing process. What was part and parcel of old age is taking its toll earlier on, of course.

Furthermore, lifestyle can be a major player too. Millennials have a tendency to go on an extra mile to cater their fixations, which might not go well with the hair. Using a lot of chemicals to achieve a certain hair-do or color are perhaps a couple of reckless things youngsters don’t mind treading on.

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Diet, on the other hand, has a rather direct impact on the hair loss. Nutrients deficiency, for instance, can cause a significant amount of hair thinning or graying too, for that matter. Keeping all these factors aside, millennials losing hair is seemingly due to the stress levels. Being in a stressful environment, be it at the work place or home, can do a lot of damage. The irony is that the stress might blind you from noticing the hair fall too. Go figure!

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The Prevention

Supplements to surgery, hair fall treatment is more or less a branch in itself today. In addition to treatment, one cannot help but notice all the shampoo cock-and-bull stories that go around too. Proteins are an integral components of hair and less protein intake means a definite hair loss.

Stress hair fall, on the other hand, is a tad tricky to treat. Depression almost certainly can make one go bald in no time too. Funny thing is that the realization of hair loss is likely to depress one even more. Hence, the action against hair loss should begin almost immediately upon realization. Not to mention the impact of smoking too. If someone smokes, usually stressed-out and depressed, keeping a bad diet and realizes hair loss, then it’s bad news millennials. Period.

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