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Millennials At Work: What Sets Them Apart And Make Them The Best Employees

The common misconception about millennials at work is that they are lazy, incompetent, and entitled. While these might be true for some of this generation, there are a lot of employers who are singing high praises about the way their millennial workers are excelling in the industry.

What’s not to love about millennials? They are eager to work, accept the fact that we have a tough economy, work for little to prove themselves, and are open to all kinds of opportunities. If you are looking for someone so flexible you can throw them to any department, millennials are your best bet.

Millennials at work: They are set apart by their unique traits

While your more adult workers tend to shrug off political, economic, and social blunders, millennials take to social media to raise awareness and campaign for what they think is right. Millennials at work want to be ethical at all times, which means they are honest and responsible. Now, the ball is in your court—make them work for an equally ethical employer.

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Millennials are also open to feedback, so just give it to them. They want to know if they have done quality work or if they somehow embarrassed the company. They also want to be given responsibility because they are so eager to prove themselves and what they are capable of.

If you have millennials in your employee roster, be sure to give them actual and direct feedback. Let them know what you think of their work. They will do better if you say you need them to because they know opportunities are hard to come by these days.

Millennials are willing to learn

Here’s the one great thing about millennials in the workplace: they want to learn. They want to learn new things and they want to have new experiences. Whether or not it’s to update their social media feed, that shouldn’t matter to you. Wouldn’t you want someone who wants challenges and is eager to confront them head on?

Millennials at work are one of the most competitive bunch you will get to meet. While others are content with just typing on the computer, signing documents, and attending endless meetings, millennials are always seeking new ideas. As an employer, you will definitely learn a lot from them.

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