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Millennials At Work: These Are The Five Worst Jobs For Millennials

Oh, if only we can all be doctors, lawyers, engineers, and public relations specialists, I’m sure we’ll all happily walk the streets of New York, San Francisco, or wherever millennials find themselves today. There are a lot of factors you need to consider when finding the right job for millennials at work. What’s easier is identifying the worst industries for these young urbanites who are constantly creating new trends.

If you’re a millennial who’s trying to make it in this dog-eat-dog world, here are what you should consider before applying for a job: growth in five years, median income, millennial share, hazard, physical demand, and competition. That’s a lot to take, I know, but it’s essential that all of these combine to take your career to the next level.

Newspaper reporter is the worst for millennials at work

Is it truly surprising that being in the newspaper industry ranks as the worst jobs for millennials at work? The growth outlook is at the lowest of -9%, thanks to a lot of newspapers cutting jobs and closing down. The median salary is $37,200, that’s barely enough to rent a cute little apartment in Brooklyn and pay the bills and food.

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TV broadcaster

You may think it’s cool to be on television and to be recognized by people on the streets. Problem is, you’re as stressed as newspaper reporters, but you have to appear on TV and get glammed up while they sit in cafes and finish their stories in peace. You have the same growth outlook of -9% and the median salary of $37,200.

The only way you’re better off is that you, at least, get recognized.

Retail sales person

The holidays are for millennials. They take pictures with friends, eat in quirky cafes, and travel to distant places—all so they can post it on Instagram and Facebook. If you cannot do it because you’re stuck in the malls selling shirts and trinkets, then you’re in a far worse job than we can imagine.

Taxi driver

Aside from the occupational hazard of having to fend off robbers, taxi drivers are facing a huge competition with the presence of Uber cars. Americans now prefer to ride on an Uber rather than pay exorbitant taxi fees and deal with irritating drivers.

Disc jockey

You may think it’s cool to be a DJ in night clubs and party all-night long. But boy, you are wrong. This can be one of the worst jobs for millennials at work because it only has a median salary of $29,010 with a growth outlook of -11%.

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