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Millennial Tips: How To Beat Down Every Negative Stereotype But Remain True To Yourself

Why do we like putting people in a box or under a category? Can’t a millennial be a good worker, a responsible son/daughter, and a partygoer, as well? If you want to beat down stereotypes and discriminatory statements, here are some millennial tips for you.

As a millennial, you have to fight against these stereotypes and remain true to who you are. You don’t have to conform to what and how society wants you to act, but you can prove these stereotypes wrong by changing a few behavior.

Millennial Tips: How Not To Be Obsessed With Social Media

Millennials are always portrayed as addicted to social media. There is good reason for this: an example is how they would take a photo of a “catastrophe” (a fire or an accident) first, so they can post it on social media. Some millennial tips for you: help those in need first (call 911) before whipping out your phones to take a picture.

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In the office, be professional about everything. Instead of taking selfies day in and day out, why don’t you focus on your work first? Also, stop hashtagging official work conversation and refrain from using acronyms (LOL, LMAO, BTW) when talking to your bosses.

Sense Of Entitlement

Whether this is true or not, what’s important is that you show them through your actions that you aren’t like that. Distance yourself from this perception by letting your actions speak for you. If you act like the workplace is lucky to have you, then you’ll definitely find yourself being stereotyped.


Some people think that millennials are oversensitive when it comes to criticisms. They think they cannot accept constructive criticisms because they are so used to getting their way. Show them how wrong this perception is—ask them for feedback on your work.

Let them know that you want to be criticized, so you can be better in your job. If you do this, the people around you will feel more comfortable about working with you.


The common misconception about millennials is that they love to party and do nothing else. That isn’t true, right? Show them you can balance both work and your social life by never going to work late.

If you’re constantly absent and late for work after a night out (which your workmates can see on social media), you would give them reason to think you’re lazy and entitled.

Hopefully, these millennial tips will help you get out of these stereotypes and prove yourself to them.

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