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Millennial Standpoint: Yes, It’s Easter, But What Exactly Are You Celebrating

A short conundrum from the Managing Editor of Tripped Media

Easter Sunday is just around the corner and it does elicit a couple of thoughts that I have been having lately.

All across my Facebook newsfeed, I see photos of people engaging in their holiday festivities. People in predominantly Christian areas have also been using this week as holiday time to go on vacations and spend time with their friends and family. Others don’t really care for everything that’s happening and there are some who are actually taking the time to engage in “religious” activities.

Though I don’t really see anything bad in all of this, I sometimes wonder if people still know the real meaning of the holidays and events that they are celebrating.

What Exactly Is Being Celebrated This Easter?

Easter Sunday is the supposed Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The primary hallmark of the Christian faith is that God sent His only Son to be born in the flesh so that he may one day suffer and die on the cross as atonement for the sins that we have committed. On the third day, he would be resurrected and this would be one of the most significant foundations of the Christian faith as it is the ultimate proof of the victory that Christ has over death. This is all towards salvation and life everlasting, that every human being who believes might be saved.

There are conflicting theories to the Easter terminology since many believe that the resurrection of Christ should be celebrated every Sunday (which is the usual Church day for many) and that the term Easter is derived from the Teutonic spring goddess, Eastre. Alright, we might have gone a little overboard with a theistic explanation, but it does make a lot of sense for us to know a few things like this.

Given your own belief system, you don’t have to believe it, you as a person has the capacity for free will, but what bothers me – not personally as a born-again Christian – but as a person, is how many people still don’t know the real meaning of the celebrations and festivities that we aim to celebrate.

I remember being a child in elementary school a long time ago when we used to celebrate everything at school. Maybe it was because we were kids, or maybe it was just that my school wanted to give other kids the chance to interact with the cultures of the kids from different nationalities present. We celebrated a lot of Muslim holidays and even chalked up the school yard during Diwali.

Now that I think I’m all grown up, I wonder if how many of those kids in the school yard actually knew the real meaning of what we were doing, or were we just paying lip service.

By all means, do what you must! Enjoy the holidays! But remember at the end of the day, remember what you are actually celebrating. You probably don’t have to spend the whole day trying to celebrate the essence of the event, but do your duty to humankind and be smart enough to actually know what the celebrations are about.

In my opinion, you should always do your research into what you are celebrating or commemorating. Remember the reason for the season, and don’t just pay lip service. Sometimes even saying “remember the reason for the season” is lip service in itself.

The world can benefit from smarter millennials.

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