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Millennial Problems: Carefree, Broke, and Probably Dead Inside

As the generations go by, the idea is to progress on all facets of life. Millennial problems are posing a hindrance to the idea.

A new study spills the beans on the struggles out there for the millennials with respect to the baby boomers. Turns out, millennials are earning 20 percent shy of the latter. An earlier study in 2013 first reported the trend and accordingly, the then 25-34 olds were doing significantly worse than their parents at that age. The millennial problems doesn’t end there, however. It stretches to other areas too.

Millennial Problems: Uncertainties; Liberation

Speaking of other areas where millennials are falling short, perhaps the robust frame of mind comes into picture. Most youngsters are too reckless for their own good, but that alone isn’t the predicament. Some are carefree at the expense of their career goals and financial securities too. That brings us to the frame of mind.

Depression and likewise conditions are predominant with the millennials, some studies say. The reason doesn’t lie with relationships and the fast-paced world alone. It’s indeed the choices they make that backfires and catches off-guard. Millennials would rather detach than engage. Everyone yearns for more liberation, while they restrict their own conscience.

An article in All Grown Up lists out five areas where the Millennial problems take a stronghold. Taking that into account, job-hunt is one of the king-pins in that respect. Too many educated souls and few jobs. Do the math. Close to 40 percent of the millennials have no jobs in United States itself. Let alone the third world.

Contemporary Lifestyle

Keeping up with the zeitgeist might not come any cheaper too. Basic amenities are proving too dear for the pockets. Pockets, on the other hand, isn’t getting any deeper with time, thanks to the scarce income. Imagine the stress and anxiety on tops!

Under the unsavory circumstances, it’s unsafe to hope for a better future too. World is falling apart, peace is at stake, climate is punishing and animosity is in the air. Worst part is that Millennials are just in the 20s or early 30s! So much more to go and so less to look forward to. God bless the millennials. Duh.

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