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Marijuana’s Positive Effects From the Most Reliable Analysis So Far

After years of debate on Marijuana’s positive effects and the flip-side, here comes an eclectic report to give the grapevine a break. First things first, this isn’t merely a report on Marijuana’s positive effects. The downside of the herb will come into the picture too, needless to say.

Cannabis goes way back in time with our history, of course. At one point, it was an integral part of the contemporary lifestyle. Some time down the road, it was indeed a sine qua non. As of now, it’s jail time!

Marijuana’s Positive Effects

National Academics of Science, Engineering and Medicine made an all-embracing multi-disciplinary research on the effects of marijuana. Furthermore, the research took the best out of around 10,000 studies on the subject since 1999. The resultant data is consistent and reliable due to the selection of the recurring factors from wide range of sources.

Without surprise, it seems to have a positive impact on chronic pain, sclerosis and cancer. In addition to those, Cannabis and the derivatives have potential in the treatment of epilepsy and bowel problems. At least as far as the side-effects from the painkillers are concerned, marijuana is a better alternative.

The aftermath of Chemotherapy can be excruciating and marijuana can help ease it to a considerable level. The same holds true in the treatment of several conditions where pain and painkillers are involved. Even though marijuana’s benefits in the treatment of Huntington’s and Parkinson’s Diseases are debatable, one cannot turn a blind eye towards it – the reports establish.

Marijuana’s negative effects

It’s imperative to address the downside along with Marijuana’s positive effects too. Firstly, the study emphasizes on Marijuana’s adverse effects on the respiratory system. Long-term smokers are likely to go through chronic respiratory conditions like Bronchitis, for starters. If this wasn’t bad enough, marijuana poses all the risks culminating to deadly conditions such as Schizophrenia.

The ‘gateway drug’ definitely has its benefits, but the negative side are equally scary. Perhaps, it’s best left to one’s discretion and the health experts’ with this one!

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