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Long Distance Relationship: Is LDR Even Worth It?

Long distance relationship, or more popularly known now as LDR, is about two people who choose to be in a relationship despite the distance. Some will say it’s not their cup of tea but when a situation happens wherein you need to choose: can you stay?

For almost two years, we only see each other on the computer screen. I remember running home from work so that I can catch him online back then. If I get stuck longer than what I use to on the road, I’d constantly curse the driver in my head for taking the wrong route.

LDR Struggle

It was hard. Well, difficult and emotionally draining at first. I was used to seeing him all the time, laughing with him and just spending most of my waking time with him. Our situation changed when we (well, more of him) decided to take the plunge and start a business in our home country.

The first few days were awful. I’d see him everywhere I go. It’s funny now but I use to laugh when I remember a moment we shared then cry because I miss him badly.

I decided to start meeting up with friends more often than I did, so I don’t lose myself thinking about him and what he’s up to with me not there by his side. I try not to call him every five minutes because he gets irritated, a defense mechanism he had so he won’t miss me (yeah, he told me later on).

Communication Is Key

Eventually, after a month of two, we both learned how to manage the situation. Buzzfeed’s life-saving tips, from people who were and still is in an LDR situation, are helpful. In general, most of them say, communication is key and that is true.

You have to be open to your partner. Yes, let the good, the bad and the ugly be discussed. You have to talk about everything that is happening around you and with you. It will help your relationship maintain the sense of familiarity you had when you were still together.

The Effort To Make It Work

Being in a long distance relationship means going the extra mile. You need to or else you will slowly drift apart. Thankfully, there are may ways to do that now. You can either play video or computer games together. Probably watch a movie together online.

Sweet nothings are also important. I remember the time when he asked a friend to buy my favorite blue roses. The sweet gesture made me love him more. In turn, in one of our monthly celebrations, I asked a friend to surprise him with a cake and flowers too!

To be honest, long distance relationships are hard to maintain. You need to be both fully committed to making the relationship work. When that happens, LDR is just going to be a piece of cake. Oh, by the way, we survived and are now sharing the same time zone.

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