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Learning To Love Yourself Is Hard Business, Do It Anyway

In a culture where likes and retweets decide one’s self-worth, it is difficult to propagate the agenda of loving one’s own self. Millennials are increasingly under pressure to present a side of them that is social media friendly. In the chase to become someone else, we lose something very scared, we lose ourselves. Learning to love yourself is hard but not impossible.

The fact that each one of us is designed differently is because there is something unique in each one of us. Plain boring to stare at a canvas of just one color, splash some colors on it and look at it come alive. In the race to be ‘pleasable’, lovable- we tend to forgo on a very basic need- the need to love ourselves.

Come to think of it, it is easy, just need to acknowledge what you are, who you are and embrace it.

#1 Your Life Story Doesn’t Need To Be Spectacular To Be Important

There are people who are touring the world, swimming across oceans, climbing mountains and you may not be doing those things. It is okay if your timeline doesn’t have a check in for a new country every season.

It is fine to be where you are and still have a spectacular life.

#2 Staying Updated On Everything May Not Be As Important

How many times do you unlock your phone and check your notifications? Constantly feeding yourself with what is happening in someone else’s life will take away the time to look into yourself.

How much time do we take to actually sear into our souls? Keeping the phone away may help you in more ways than one.

#3 Being Self Aware Is A Good Thing

Sometimes the surface level comments that come your way online may give you some happiness. It is important that you know who you are before you drown yourself in what people think you are. Being self-aware is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. The world is changed by those who know what they are capable of doing.

Comparing our lives with others only takes the joy away from our own. So try to look at yourself and be appreciative. Take some time out to become aware of your strengths and pat yourself on the back. Loving yourself will release a new vision in your life to bestow love onto others as well.

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