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Lazy People Makeup Hacks: Gotta Blend That Foundation In!

2016 is probably the year when people began to discover life hacks that made everything easier. Cooking food, decorating a house, fixing broken things–all of these have easy hacks that you can see all over the internet. Of course we can’t forget about personal care. Yes, there are lazy people makeup hacks.

These hacks are for people who are feeling lazy in doing their makeup. It can also be for those who have a limited time to get glamorous before work, school, or an important occasion. Check out these tips that you can use when you’re rushing or feeling lethargic but still want to look fabulous.

Some Lazy People Makeup Hacks Everyone Should Know

Cream eye shadows

Who needs time to blend a whole lot of powder eye shadows? Opt for a cream eye shadow instead! You can use your fingers and just place the product all over your eyelid. Add a little bit on your crease for definition. For a quick, easy eyeliner, dip an angled brush in black eye shadow powder then follow the natural line of your eyelid. There–you have popping peepers in less than five minutes!

Multi-purpose products

Start using products with more than one use. Multi-purpose products are perfect lazy people makeup hacks. For example, a matte brown eye shadow palette can double up as neutral eye shadows and contour powder. Use lip and cheek tints so you can have pretty lips AND rosy cheeks. For your face, try to use CC creams because 1.) they’re easier to blend, 2.) they have a decent amount of coverage, and 3.) can add a subtle glow on the face so you don’t need to apply highlighter on.

Setting spray

Setting sprays were invented to keep the makeup last all day long. The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is a cult favorite in the beauty community but there are brands that offer setting sprays at more affordable prices. That way, you won’t have to touch up your makeup every now and then. There are a lot of formulas offered in stores, so check out what suits your needs the best.

And when you make a mistake…

Don’t panic when you accidentally smudge your eyeliner or have a stray blob of mascara on your face. You can clear up the mistake by wiping it off using a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover or micellar water. Or you can use this clean-up pencil that can instantly erase any makeup mishaps! What are your favorite lazy people makeup hacks?

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