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Late 20’s: Here’s What You Need to Thrive!

Late 20’s can be a monster sometimes! Too many decisions, too many critical choices to make! There is so much pressure attached to this age group- be it about relationships, career, marriage, starting a family and the list is endless. Here are some tips that will help you breeze through this phase easily (at least, we hope it does!)

Late 20’s is the age group well between the age of 25 and 30. So many things revolve around one’s head when they cross this age. With every continent, the struggle is different. For one culture, this age group presents a pressure to find someone and settle down while for others it is to quickly fulfill their career aspirations.

Healthy Habits For those in Late 20’s

Surround Yourself With Those Who Get You!

Gone are the high school days when one did things to get attention. The Late 20’s is a time when you want to be with those who see the gold in you. By this time, most would have cemented relationships and friendships. But if you don’t have these kind of relationships, seek them!

Life is short, there is no room for haters around you. Find those who are truthful and not patronizing, honest and not demeaning, loving and not self-seeking.

Do Not Forget Your Family

It so happens that one ends up running so ferociously towards their dreams that loved ones gets left behind. Make time for your family members. If geographical distance separates you, then use technology to stay in touch. Don’t forget to post a card or make a call during important occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Do Not Fret About Being Single

It is quite likely that most amongst your friends’ circle are committed, engaged or married. There is an enormous amount of pressure to find someone to live one’s life with the Late 20’s. It is better to be ready to commit to a relationship organically than being pressured into one.

Allow your Heart To Heal

If you have gone through the pain of a failed relationship, try and find strength to see the better things around. If the struggle seems to continue, talk to someone about how you feel. Do not isolate yourself.

As much as challenges prevail, opportunities’ for victory prevail too! Look at Late 20’s as a time that the universe is giving you to chase your dreams and conquer the world, one choice at a time!

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